Mighty Leap: Reclaim Control, Rediscover Purpose

Burnout got you feeling toasted? Let's bake a plan to reignite your spark

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Reclaim Control

Are endless meetings, shrinking patience, and expanding waistlines your new normal? You're not alone. But you don't have to settle for it! Our Mighty Leap coaching program is like a life coach, therapist, and margarita pool party rolled into one (minus the tequila... maybe)

Rediscover Purpose

Have you lost sight of the spark that ignited your passion? Don't let your midlife become a meh-life. We guide you through a process of self-discovery to reconnect with your core values, reignite your passion for your work, and find deeper meaning in your life.

Design a Fulfilling Future

We'll help you dust off your dreams and give them a mighty kick in the pants. Our program equips you with the tools to envision an optimal path, swap your limiting beliefs for self-empowering ones, and develop a personalized roadmap to achieve your aspirations. And also unleash your inner-wolverine (minus the claws, probably)

Feeling like your life is stuck on repeat?

You know the drill: the endless stream of emails, the back-to-back calls that all blend together, the late nights staring at spreadsheets... It's enough to make anyone feel like Bill Murray reliving the same Tuesday. But here's the thing ‚Äď it doesn't have to be this way. It's time to ditch the monotony and design a life that actually gets you excited!

Warning: Your Passion Has Left the Building

Ever feel like you're running in circles, working like crazy, but never actually getting anywhere? That feeling, my friend, has a hefty price tag. Let's talk about what happens when you ignore that hydra-headed to-do list and keep on with the daily grind.

  • The 'Legacy Crisis' Alert: You've built something, but does it still feel meaningful? That itch to leave a real mark on the world starts getting louder.
  • Regret Time-Bomb: The countdown is on. You don't want to wake up in 10 years wondering why you didn't try to change things when you could.
  • Joy Deficiency Warning: When work eats up your life, what's left? Hobbies gathering dust, relationships on autopilot, and a nagging sense that this can't be it.
  • The 'Is This All There Is?' Virus: It infects your thoughts on good days and keeps you up at night on bad ones. There's an antidote, but you have to go searching for it

The "Mighty Leap" Toolbox: Your Transformation Toolkit

Forget boring worksheets. This program's about deep dives, playful exploration, and a dash of "you won't believe we're doing this" to shake things up. Here are some of the magic moments you'll experience:


Get crystal clear on where you're headed, and why it actually makes your soul tingle. (Vision boards, guided visualization, maybe even some interpretive dance... we won't judge).

The Deep Dive

Self-reflection questionnaires, assessments, and exercises that are uncomfortably insightful. (Prepare for some lightbulb moments and occasional swearing at your journal).

Mindful Mayhem

Mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and other ways to tame the inner critic beast. (Warning: may lead to increased patience with difficult clients).

The Connection Zone

Group discussions, role-playing, and partner support. Because navigating midlife is way more fun with a crew who gets it.

Wildcard Activities

Expect the unexpected. Drawing, creative brainstorming, and activities designed to unlock those parts of your brain that forgot how to play.

BONUS ACTIVITY (optional): Crafting of The "Blunderdome": My Hall of Fame for Spectacular Miscalculations 

Think of this "Failure Resume" as your anti-LinkedIn profile. We're ditching the humble brags and celebrating those spectacular flops, questionable haircuts, and business ventures that tanked harder than the Titanic. Embrace the cringe because you survived, and that's something to be damn proud of. It's also fun.

Get ready to laugh until you cry... then find unexpected inspiration. This surprisingly mighty tool dismantles perfectionism, builds resilience, and helps you uncover the wonky, brilliant path that's uniquely yours.

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Got FAQs?

Why this program works?

  1. I'm an experienced coach with over 12 years under the hood and worked with hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs just like you
  2. I was trained at the highest standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and I've been continuously studying and practicing with many tools and techniques over the years to extract the optimal approach for practical, life-lasting results for my clients
  3. I graduated from my very own midlife crisis 2 years ago which means I've made enough spectacular mistakes to fill a book… that you hopefully won't have to repeat.

I'm Gabe, your Mighty Leap coach

Let's be honest, midlife can feel like a bad sitcom sometimes ‚Äď unexpected plot twists, questionable life choices, and a whole lot of "what just happened?!" Don't worry, you don't need a laugh track to get through this. I'm here to help you rewrite the script.

I specialize in helping executives and entrepreneurs get unstuck, figure out where on earth they're going, and maybe avoid having a full-blown meltdown in aisle 5 of Target. Book a clarity call if you're ready for some real talk sprinkled with bad jokes and a dash of "been there, done that" commiseration.

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